How are Xipixapa Hats made?

Xipixapa Hats are made in Ecuador, hand-woven by independent hat weavers from the plaited leaves

of the toquilla palm. Using various weave techniques, the coloured straws are processed,

in hours of craftsmanship, into textures and patterns to so-called blanks.

The weaving requires a lot of care and experience.

After weaving is finished, the excess of straw that remains hanging from the brim is weaved backwards and the remaining straw is cut. In a small manufactory the different crown shapes are molded into the blanks with the use of a steam press.
After further fine work Xipixapa Hats are finally ready to start out for Europe.

Intangible Cultural Heritage

In 2012 the art of weaving a traditional Ecuadorian toquilla hat is added to

the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists, a term used to define practices, traditions,

knowledge and skills communities pass down from generation to generation

as part of their cultural heritage.