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Ecuador and the genuine Panama hats

Home of the genuine Panama hats is Ecuador, a beautiful country in northwestern South America.


Xipixapa Hats are genuine Panama hats. These are traditional, hand-woven,

brimmed straw hats made from the plaited leaves of the toquilla palm, a palm-like plant

characteristic of the Ecuadorian Pacific Coast.

Contrary to general assumption, genuine, classic Panama hats do not come from Panama.

They have always been made in Ecuador, among others, in the province of Manabí, in the coastal region. The center of the manufactories is the city of Jipijapa.
Therefore Panama hats are also called Jipijapa (or Xipixapa) in some Spanish-speaking countries.


The origin of the name Panama hat has not been clarified.
One theory states that formerly goods produced in South America could not be imported directly

from the countries of origin to the USA. The central customs office was then in Panama.
People assumed the hats were made in the same country from which they were imported

and simply called them Panama hats.


In 2012 the art of weaving a traditional Ecuadorian toquilla hat is added to

the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists, a term used to define practices, traditions,

knowledge and skills communities pass down from generation to generation

as part of their cultural heritage.

Genuine Panama hats are demanded worldwide

for its exquisite handcrafted clothing and outstanding quality.

Europe and the Xipixapa Hats

Europe: varied, courageous and colourful. The perfect place for Xipixapa Hats to touch down

and write a new chapter in the history of Ecuadorian genuine Panama hats.

 We are convinced that Xipixapa Hats will succeed.